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  This video tribute to Captain Eric Brown. “A Life at Full Throttle,” was given at the Royal Aeronautical Society. Click here                                                                                           

Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown RN, (retd).


Vice President of the …

Martlesham Heath Aviation Society

Many of you will have seen in the press that Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown sadly passed away on Sunday, 21st February aged 97 after a short spell in hospital following a fall.

Captain Brown graciously agreed to become a Vice President of the MHAS following a talk at Kesgrave High School in October 2011, sharing the stage with Taylor Downing.

As a Royal Navy pilot he flew 487 different types of aircraft, made 2407 deck landings at sea and 2721 catapult launches, world records never likely to be broken. He flew every major combat aircraft of the Second World War, including gliders, fighters, bombers, airliners, amphibians, flying boats and helicopters.

During WW2 he was put in charge of captured enemy aircraft, flying them all apart from one German jet which was not designed to land after take off.

Captain Brown visited us again in June 2013. This time he was the sole speaker and talked about the Miles M52 among other subjects.

His life was full of so many great flying exploits and record breaking achievements that we would need to write a book to include all of them.

Suffice to say that he was a gentleman and I am proud that we met him and his lovely partner Jean and shared a table at the Douglas Bader public house on Martlesham Heath.


                             Martyn Cook, Chairman MHAS