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The Museum is a registered Charity and we do not charge any admission fees. As such your donations are always gratefully received. Please contact us if you cannot donate via Paypal or cheque. 


The Museum now has a Paypal account. We would welcome donations via Paypal as bank charges for paying in cheques (especially US cheques that need converting) continue to rise.

To donate log in to the Paypal website and click "SEND MONEY NOW".  Carefully enter our registered Paypal email address treasurer@mhas.org.uk along with the amount you would like to donate, click "CONTINUE", then click "SEND MONEY". Please remember that we do not have to pay any charges to receive donations sent to "Friends & Family" but the Museum has to pay a 3.5% fee if you click "Pay for an Item or Service". 


If at all possible, we would ask you to donate via one of the other payment methods. The bank charges to pay in cheques continue to rise, especially for donations in foreign currency.

If you are donating via cheque, please make payable to Martlesham Heath Aviation Society and send to:

The Treasurer,
Martlesham Heath Aviation Society
45, Manor Road
Martlesham Heath


We would very much hope that members will continue to support the Museum as the work here continues, and we are investing in the Museum to modernise its facilities, enhance the visitor experience and prolong the memories of Martlesham Heath Airfield.


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