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Your MHAS Trustees

Welcome to our volunteer Trustees who run the Society.


Roger Harrison, MHAS President

Harrison. Roger President 01

Martyn Cook, Chairman

 Martyn Cook Chairman 01

 Vicky Gunnell - Programme Secretary

 Gunnell. Vicky Programme Secretary 01

 Brian Gray - Engineering

 Gray. Brian Engineering 01

 Colin Whitmore - Clerk of Works

 Whitmore. Colin Clerk of Works 01

 Howard King - Publicity

 King. Howard Publicity Secretary 01

 Allan Stimson - Sound and Vision

 Stimson. Allan Sound Vision Manager 01

 Ian Lisseman - Museum Manager

 Lisseman. Ian Museum Manager 01

 Pat Lisseman - Treasurer

 Lisseman. Pat Treasurer 01

 John Howarth - Secretary

 Howarth. John Secretary 01

 Bob Alexander - Groundman

 Alexander. Robert Groundsman 01

 Paul Calver - Building Manager

 Calver. Paul Building Manager 01